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Solar CRM

What is Solar CRM?

Solar CRM is a powerful online software that is used to manage solar companies online. A solar CRM solution will help solar companies to grow quickly and create transparency between the user and the seller. CRM refers to customer relationship management as it handles the interaction between the customers and the dealers. CRM is a fantastic tool that has the potential to increase the sales and visibility of the product.

What is an E-Solar CRM, and how does it help your solar business?

E-solar CRM is a platform that helps empowers hundreds of solar businesses that deal in supplying sales, distribution and installation services. This CRM is one of the most advanced and affordable solutions to grow your business quickly and reach new heights successfully.

If you are a solar sales and service provider company, you might be looking for a powerful solar CRM to manage all the manual process tasks. Our CRM software effortlessly manages the leads through task completion. This e-solar CRM is known for providing powerful lead management for your solar business.

Here are the features of our solar CRM solution

  • 1. Lead management

    Our CRM helps the business in managing the leads and build healthy relationships with the clients even after the lead ends. Our CRM manages the information, buyer collaboration, and capturing the picture from the aerial view and upload it for solar firms. Our CRM manages all these tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

  • 2. Sales management

    Just like lead management, our CRM is also efficient in sales management. Our CRM helps you create a unique sales process that helps you in running your solar business smoothly. It helps in building customer relationship and streamline processes to increase overall sales.

  • 3. Increases the satisfaction of staff

    Our CRM provides the best features for the customers and the employees working in the company. Our CRM has full knowledge about the staff members working in the company and empowers them to perform better and solve the clients' queries.

  • 4. Solar CRM is cost saving

    The CRM is cost saving as it manages several tasks from one platform and saves a lot of costs. The CRM completes tasks, and the whole work gets scheduled appropriately and saves the cost to a great extent.

  • 5. Project management

    It is one of the essential things that cover all the solar business's progress and tasks. Our CRM works as a project management software that focuses on the business's external affairs. Our CRM manages the whole project effortlessly and manages the tasks quickly.

  • 6. Maintenance and support

    We are known for providing the best maintenance and support services throughout the year. Solar systems need monitoring and maintenance to generate efficient power, and we make sure to provide the best support services to meet your expectations.

  • 7. CRM is time-saving

    With the help of solar CRM, all the activities are managed from a single platform, and therefore, it reduces the time consumed to run the solar business. Using a powerful CRM is highly beneficial for your business since it will reduce the time taken to manage all the tasks.


If you are looking for a perfect CRM for your e-solar business to manage all the tasks and activities, our solar CRM might be the right platform for you. This CRM is going to manage all the tasks so well and make your business operations run smoothly.

You can contact us if you wish to know more about this e-solar CRM. We are here to assist you.

Real Estate CRM

What is a Real Estate CRM?

A real estate CRM is built for real estate agencies of all sizes. A real estate CRM manages all the booking related tasks of the company. It helps the realtors stay organized, updated about all the activities, move tenants and prospective buyers down their sales funnel and close sales on properties. There are several tasks in a real estate company, and the real estate CRM takes care of all these tasks in an organized way.

How does Real Estate CRM Works?

A robust and feature-rich real estate CRM will have several features and functions to effortlessly carry out all the tasks. Metizsoft Solutions has developed a real estate CRM that efficiently manages various functions of a real estate company.

Let's see the features of this real estate CRM developed by Metizsoft Solutions and how it can help you manage your booking and leads efficiently.

Here are the Features of Our Real Estate CRM

Here are different features and modules that a real estate CRM generally has

  • 1. Dashboard

    The dashboard is the topmost things that you will see in every real estate CRM. The dashboard displays the leads overview and leads status conversions, lead source overview and booking overview. It also manages the project booking and keeps the realtors updated on the activities taking place in the company.

  • 2. Leads

    This is another important feature of CRM for real estate. Under this feature, the complete information regarding the leads of the business is recorded. It consists of the lead generator's name, contact number, lead status, lead source, and reminder date. The lead section of the CRM shows all the entries of the leads to keep you updated.

  • 3. Customers

    This section shows a summary of total customers and pending customers. This includes information such as name, block no., flat no., and contact number.

  • 4. Project

    This section shows the overall summary of the project of the company. It also shows the project's details, such as project name, start date, deadline, and status. This module also displays the projects in progress, on hold, and projects finished.

  • 5. EMI calculator

    The real estate CRM also has an EMI calculator. This EMI calculator calculates the loan's interest rate, no. of years of the loan, monthly instalments of the loan, and total interest payable. It also shows the whole report of interest payable every year.

  • 6. Availability

    This option displays the availability of the project to the customers. Under this section, one can filter the project by the blocks. It also shows a list of all the projects and information related to them, such as block no. and house no. It shows the booked and available projects to the customers clearly.

  • 7. Purchase

    The CRM also has a purchase section that has two options- material list and order material. From here, the customers can order from the available material.

  • 8. reports

    The CRM report module displays several reports such as sales, source report, total sale report, and area report. With the help of these reports, the company can remain updated about the total sales made.

  • 9. Set up

    Under this section, several options such as finance, email templates, custom fields, menu setup, roles of the employees, theme setup, and other settings.

Feel Free to Contact Metizsoft Solutions

These were the features of a real estate CRM. If you are into the real estate business and want to manage all the business-related activities online, you might require a CRM to manage all tasks efficiently. If you are looking for a robust real estate CRM, you can get in touch with Metizsoft Solutions. We have expertise in building robust real estate CRM for leading real estate companies. With the help of our CRM, you will be able to grow your real estate business and reach new heights. If you want to know more about CRM and its features, feel free to contact us anytime.

Event Management CRM

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Hospital & Patient Management

MClinic by Metizsoft- Clinic Management Mobile App

To understand this CRM, we first have to understand the clinic management mobile apps in brief. A clinic management system will provide many tools as a medical practice management software, including patient appointment scheduling via online booking, keeping medical records, and managing the billing and invoicing of both patients and insurance companies all in one platform. This CRM is a boon for both the hospital management staff and the patients as it is very convenient for both of them.

As we know, everyone requires healthcare services. General clinics and hospitals in remote areas play a massive role in providing healthcare services where access to hospitals may not be easy. It may not be easy for clinics to maintain the patients' records in a traditional way. In such a situation, the hospital can use medical management CRM to manage the patients, the appointments, doctor's schedule, prescriptions, and inventory management.

MClinic by Metizsoft – Hospital management CRM

Manage your hospital and medical administration easily with the help of a clinic management mobile app by Metizsoft Solutions.

Metizsoft offers an all-in-one powerful clinic management CRM that specializes in keeping all the records of visitors, available materials, staff, patients, and much more. MClinic app-hospital and clinic management CRM offer a pool of unique and robust features such as appointment booking, patient registration, updating medical data, reception management, and managing the complete hospital and clinic effortlessly.

Why use a clinic and hospital management CRM?

We will discuss how the hospital management CRM helps the hospitals manage every hospital activity with great ease. We will talk about some of the essential features offered by the hospital management CRM.

  • 1. Electronic patient record management

    The electronic health record is one of the main features of these clinical management systems. They are stored in digital format. The best thing about digital records is that it doesn't get damaged over time.

  • 2. Easy appointment booking through the mobile app

    Booking an appointment has never been easier than this. With the CRM, the patients can easily book the appointment from their mobile apps with just a few clicks.

  • 3. Easy staff management

    A CRM allows easy management of the staff of the hospital. Traditionally managing the hospital staff might be a little troublesome, but it can be done seamlessly with a CRM.

  • 4. Doctor's availability check

    The patients can check the doctor's availability they are seeking to take an appointment from with the help of a CRM. This will save the patients from the trouble of visiting the hospital to find that the doctor is not available.

  • 5. It manages the billing and accounting

    With the increase in workload, manually managing the hospital's billing and accounting becomes tiresome, but a management CRM can work well. A clinic management system has an integrated billing feature that tracks the complete treatment of a patient and creates the patient's financial records.

  • 6. Doctors can read patients history

    This CRM allows the doctors to read a patient's history on their mobile phones. It is easier for both the doctors and the patients as they don't necessarily have to meet each other to know their medical history.

  • 7. Easy insurance and claim settlement

    The CRM also allows easy settlement of the insurance and claim of the patients. It becomes relatively more straightforward for the patients to get their insurance covered without much hassle.


These were some of the helpful features of a hospital management CRM, which is an excellent system for patients, doctors, and the other staff of the hospital. If you run a clinic or a hospital and are looking for a CRM to manage the hospital activities, MClinic might be exactly what you need.

To know more about the MClinic hotel management system by Metizsoft solutions, you can feel free to contact us and ask us your queries. We will help you in understanding this CRM and its functioning in detail. So, what are you waiting for? Please write to us today.

Hotel Booking And Management

ezCheckinn- Hotel and Motel Reservation CRM

The hotel and motel industries are one of the widely spread industries today. Running a hotel or a motel isn't as easy as it seems. There's a lot to manage and many tasks to perform, which sometimes become difficult to do manually. To overcome this trouble, a hotel and motel reservation CRM can be quite helpful.

A hotel and motel reservation CRM handles and manages all the booking related tasks and simplifies the whole process. A CRM software for the hotel industry gives you a simple solution for complex processes and helps the hotel owners run the business effortlessly.

A hotel and motel reservation CRM also works efficiently for managing other accommodations such as B&Bs, lodges and guesthouses, etc. With the help of robust CRM software, the guests can reserve the bookings from anywhere, anytime.

What is ezCheckinn?

ezCheckinn is a hotel and motel reservation and booking software developed by Metizsoft Solutions. It is a powerful CRM that simplifies your property's booking and reservation and manages all the booking related tasks like a pro. As the name suggests, this CRM makes it simpler for the guests to make the booking and ensures an easy check without any hassle. This CRM has benefitted many hotels and motel owners in running their business smoothly and growing rapidly.

What does this CRM do?

Here are the top features of ezCheckinn CRM

  • 1. Easy check-in/checkout

    With this hotel reservation CRM, the customers can checkin and check out from anywhere with just a few clicks. The guests won't have to go through any long or troublesome process as the CRM simplifies everything.

  • 2. Supports multiple languages

    This CRM supports multiple languages, making it possible for people from different countries to book the hotel online without any barrier. It makes it easier to use CRM for users from different backgrounds of the world.

  • 3. Instant notifications

    ezCheckinn sends instant and regular alerts and notifications for every event to the guests so that they don't miss out on anything and remain updated.

  • 4. It has a calendar overview

    When you make bookings on the CRM, it will be displayed on the calendar in the software. This feature also allows you to make the booking directly from the calendar overview.

  • 5. Keeps track of every activity

    CRM tracks every activity happening in your hotel and notifies it instantly. You get immediately notified when a room is booked or an enquiry is generated. It keeps track of every activity and communication happening on multiple channels, all in one dashboard.

  • 6. Payment integration

    The CRM supports multiple payment methods, making it easier for the guests to pay at their convenience. The payment methods offered by the CRM has safe and ensures secured payments. Multiple payment options make it easy for guests to pay without any hassle.

    These are some of the critical features that ezCheckinn offers. Looking at these features, we can say that it is one of the most amazing and powerful CRM for hotel and motel industries out there. This CRM helps hotel owners to grow their business and reach guests from across the globe.

Do you want a CRM for your hotel business?

If you are planning to register your property online and have a hotel reservation CRM to manage the booking and other booking-related tasks, you can try out ezCheckinn. This CRM will transform your business and help you grow in the hotel and hospitality sector.

Get in touch with us and talk to us to know more about this CRM, and we will help you out with everything.

Water Bottle Supply CRM

When a business makes its online presence, the transformation of the business begins. Every business these days are benefitting from online applications and software. CRM is an excellent software for businesses to grow their business and reach new customers. A CRM also manages and performs all the business tasks on the software that were done manually.

Like any other business, water suppliers have also started using a CRM to better the functioning of their business. Water is one of the prime and most basic necessities for humans to survive. Many people are engaged in water supply and supply pure and clean drinking water bottles to the customers as per their demand. In the water supply business, several distributors distribute water bottles in different areas every day.

What is water supply management CRM?

There are having a CRM for water supply management benefits both the customers and the business owner. With the help of this CRM, the customers can order the water bottles and get them delivered to their doorsteps. This CRM is a modern way to get the water bottle delivered without many efforts. This is a great CRM for the distributors as well, as they can grow their business network and can reach more customers easily. Water supply management CRM can be customized as per the client’s needs and requirements. This CRM simplifies the whole process of buying and selling water bottles for both the customers and distributors.

Water supply CRM by Metizsoft

Metizsoft Solutions has developed a water supply CRM for its clients, which works amazingly for all the water distributors out there. This modern software has many features that will make ordering and distributing water very efficient and effortless. This water supply and management CRM has two logins- the distributor login and the customer login.

Let’s have a quick glance at the features it offers to customers and distributors.

Features of the distributor login of the CRM
  • - Allows the distributors to add a customer

  • - They can make an entry for the number of bottles distributed

  • - They can make the entry of the payments

  • - The distributors can prepare monthly reports and customer-wise reports

  • - Distributors can update the reports daily

Features of customer login of the CRM
  • - Customers can search the nearest water distributors on the CRM

  • - They can contact the nearby distributors or order the bottles by entering the number of bottles they require

  • - They can make the entry of payments on the app

  • - Customers can add their address on the app for the water delivery

  • - Customers can keep track of their payments

  • - Customers can see the history of the bottles they have ordered

These were some of the excellent features that make this water supply management CRM one of the easiest and efficient water supply CRM. We have helped many water distributors with this fantastic and powerful CRM, and you can take the benefit as well. If you are a water bottle distributor, this CRM is going to do wonders for you and your customers too. This CRM will make your life easier.

Reach out to us to have your own CRM

If you are planning to take your water supply business online with a CRM, you can reach out to Metizsoft Solution to develop a robust and feature-rich water supply CRM for you. We will help you quickly manage all your business tasks and grow your water supply business rapidly.

Reach out to us today and discuss your needs with us. We even offer customization as per your demands.